Black Metalsmiths Market

April 17 - 25

This is an exclusive event to give the spotlight to Black metalsmiths here in the United States. We will be having auctions on IG @metalsmithforchange as well as having pieces available for sale. Artists can submit up to five pieces to go in the online market and one piece to be auctioned.

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Proceeds benefit:

Black Mamas Matter Alliance (10%)

National Birth Equity Collaborative (10%)

Contributing artists (80%)

Letter from the founder:

I'd like Metalsmiths for Change, LLC supporters to understand that this platform was truly created (by me) overnight and is a work in progress. Life has moved extremely fast since its existence in June of 2020. I have a entire life outside of Metalsmiths for Change, including a jewelry business, Solid Treasures, but I am devoted to this work alongside many artists who have expressed their equal devotion.

Last year, I was going through my own self-love journey of sorts, and I made pieces of solidarity to represent me & my community and scheduled to release them on June 1st. I never made many sales, so I had not thought to make a limit on how many made-to-orders I would offer. At max, I predicted I’d sell no more than around 7. After the brutal murder of Breonna Taylor & George Floyd, it caused the world to awaken a bit, and believe this is why I was able to sell over 500 BLM pins.

After receiving an overwhelming amount of support for my jewelry business, I received an equally overwhelming support from metalsmiths who offered their labor free of charge to help fulfil orders. Amazing, right? I wanted to turn the support I was receiving from metalsmiths into something that would help raise awareness through artwork, which is why I had artists create pieces with the names of Black people who were killed in the hands of police.

I hope my message gets across that while the name Metalsmiths for Change was clearly made to indicate how amazing the metalsmithing community is and how Metalsmiths for Change was founded, this platform was built through the passion I have for advocating for what I believe in. Assumptions have been increasingly stressful when folks do not understand that it is just me and a safe space where you'll see my thoughts when I feel driven to express them. The Black woman's voice is too often silenced about important societal issues, and I refuse to let that happen here because people misunderstand this platform.

Metalsmiths for Change is not an official non-profit organization as of right now, but your donations towards the Metalsmiths for Change Fund will help towards that goal as I seek an attorney who can help with this. I'm looking forward to changing Metalsmiths for Change, LLC into a non-profit for tax-purposes and greater funding opportunities.

Thank you for your understanding.

- Kendria -

Total Raised to Date

Together, we have raised a total of $96,712 in support of the Black community! Fundraiser proceeds benefit organizations that work to fight for racial & social justice and Black artists. Click here to see the organizations we have benefited.

Fundraiser Schedule:

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