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Item description: 

I chose to honor Jason King’s life with a monarch butterfly, as they are becoming a symbol for mental health. Monarch butterflies, and butterflies in general, represent the power of transformation, and the personal and internal changes that we all must face. In these times especially, I believe butterflies offer us a chance to change, and become something more beautiful than we ever could have imagined. Acrylic on canvas. Painting size is 16x22 inches and pictured inside an 18x24 frame for reference. Frame not included.

Jason King was 38 years old and living with bipolar and personality disorders when he was shot and killed by police officers in Sacramento, CA in 2016. The officers claim he pointed a gun at them, but King’s wife says he had only ever possessed a BB gun. The officers were put on paid leave while an investigation was conducted, but their actions were eventually deemed justified and lawful by the District Attorney’s office. Jason King is survived by his niece and his estranged wife.