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ARTIST: @susanwachlerjewelry


This Sterling Silver Spiculum is hand forged from flat sheet and formed into the cone shape. It is embellished with fused sterling silver and 18KYG. Emerging from the top of the brooch is a quartz crystal. It catches the light like a torch and ignites the awareness of our needs for health equity in both physical and behavioral health. The brooch measures 3.5 inches and approx 1/4 in width.

The significance of this piece is symbolic and reminded me of the eternal flame at the King Memorial in Atlanta where I reside. Dr. King's ideal of The Beloved Community required inclusion and equity in all things social and economical. (Twin Pillars.) These were deemed essential for a healthy society and today's health disparities keep us from reaching those ideals. The brooch with the crystal depicting the eternal flame serves as a reminder that we must strive to maintain equity to eliminate disparity. We are a better world when we care for our brothers and our sisters as ourselves.

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