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Item description:

“Murdered On The Roads We Built” Highly textured, gender neutral, sterling silver cuff bracelet measures 5.5” and is 1” wide. It is riveted to a jewelers brass underlay measuring 5.75” with a 1” gap. This will fit most wrists. Adjustments can be customized. The texture in the sterling cuff is made by layering and fusing pieces of silver together, in an appliqué process. It is intended to symbolize the pavement/asphalt on which Black men have been repeatedly and brutally murdered by white officers. The lower (gold/brass cuff) is attached using sterling silver rivets which provide a secure connection and a nameplate stamped with the name, Jarrad L Hill. The golden underlay represents the souls and spirits of Black Ancestors and Black laborers who built this country and who continue to suffer the oppression of white supremacy and systemic racial injustice. Jarrad L Hill was 39 years of age when a white officer murdered him by shooting him in the chest at close range. (04/10/2017). What started as a complaint for an alleged noise ordinance violation ended in murder which has been denied further investigation. Body cam evidence has been suppressed/denied in spite of legal requests for the footage. (Houston AG/PD). Three years have passed -No Justice No Peace.