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Item description:

"The Fray" In a 1976 New York Times article about John Lewis a colleague of his described his approach to civil disobedience and fighting for justice as going "full force into the fray". While most of the protests in which he participated or he organized were nonviolent, many resulted in violence. Knowing this was a regular occurrence, Mr. Lewis's attitude and "irrational faith in his survivability" speak more to his unwavering courage and hope that if we keep going full force into the fray, one day we will see a world that is just where people can live free. This piece highlights what I interpret as Mr. Lewis's vision. The chalcedony looks like it has a blurry path or road that passes between hills. We can't see what lies beyond, but we can imagine what it looks like. And we know there is a possibility that on our way there, we will encounter violence, hate, and injury. But we persist. The chalcedony is framed by a thick sterling silver shadow box, and on the outside is hand-pierced sterling silver lettering that reads, "full force into the fray".