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ARTIST: @costellorosedesigns .
ITEM DESCRIPTION: This is a Rohdonite Heart Brooch. Hand fabricated setting of Sterling Silver that states "Healthcare is a right not a Privilege"on the surrounding bezel. To be honest I was all over the place when I created this piece, I wanted to honor Regina Marcia Benjamin MD a black woman who has accomplished so much and deserves something more memorable than this but she inspired me to get this far. Please research her as I did, she worked extensively with rural communities in the South, notably becoming founder & CEO if Bayou Clinic in Bayo La Batre in Louisiana which was devastated by hurricane Katrina, and even more damage after that. She was our 18th Surgeon General 2009-2013 She started the "Million Hearts" campaign to prevent one million heart attacks each year. She has brought awareness if preventable medicine to the rural, black and people of color by many if her actions. This is not a million hearts but it is one and in a way she has saved this heart to go on and live another day. I am an RN, but most of all I am human and live with my own mental as well as physical dealings. My feelings about healthcare got to be very overwhelming as an RN. I wasn't prepared for the prejudices I experienced as a travel nurse from the ER - ICU. This is sums it all up for me,our hearts are all the same color and I believe HEALTHCARE IS A RIGHT NOT A PRIVILEGE. Measures 1.5" x 1.5"


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