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Rare Ann Schulte - @dreaming_hazelle

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This auction starts October 1st at 10am PST and ends October 4th at 10am PST.

This auction takes place on Instagram @metalsmithsforchange.


Item description:

Your life, as it is right now, is enough. With such astronomical numbers of transphobia and violence, mental health support is crucial to folks particularly in the Black Trans community - 47% stated in a large poll they were denied equal treatment, verbally harassed or physically attacked in the year prior due to being transgender. A full 9% had been physically attacked in the past year for their gender identity. Our social constructs repeatedly fail folks who fall outside of "social acceptability ". The need for our lives to reflect compassion, inclusivity and empathy for all humans has never been more glaring. AUCTION FOR 2 ITEMS: 1. custom stretch cord bracelet with options: a. A few oblong, round or 1 bar clay bead - colors options noted in picture, representing trans & non binary c. patina'ed spacers & 6 sided beads d. The beads can be blank or a SIMPLE message 2. A black copper champlevé ranunculus pendant representing handsomeness and charm with trans colors, created by the amazing @dreadfoolart to honor Tony McDade killed by Tallahassee police earlier in 2020.