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Rare Ann Schulte - @dreaming_hazelle

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Item description: 

Inspired by the wind & topographic maps this one of a kind naturally dyed, hand designed, low impact bag, was curated with a call to action - to stand beside that which is ■Black Power■

■ Black Power ■ We need more white folks to display their ability and willingness to Stand alongside Every. Black. Person; to Listen & help Transform, now. ■Black-power■ Need example of why standing matters? 》Recently I watched a video of plain clothes federal agents snatching a peaceful blm protester off the street in NYC. Wrestle them to the ground and forcibly put them into a plain van while others were pepper sprayed and bicycle cops kept the crowd away.《 Black-power ■ - This is the power of fear. - The power of being other than the majority. -The power of believing that their is more than 1 way to be in life. ...... It is also ..... - The power to transform - To uplift when it seems their is no reason to AND - The POWER to exist in spite of all of the pain, suffering and manipulation of others that must be traversed every single day. ■ - Black-power is here to stay - ■ Make no mistake, this is a white issue. It must start with us acknowledging, and end with dismantling the societal construct that blatantly & intentionally has divided people into colors and bodies. We as citizens must do better, we must demand better of our country and those representing us OUR voice, Our story, Our lives, Our planet are worth putting before profit or baseless pleasure. We can no longer remain silent and let it be someone else's story, someone else's problem. - In Solidarity WITH Action, No More Silence - ■Black-power■