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Pam Graves - @pj_graves_in_ash

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Item description:

Every time I wake up to another morning news report of another black person being killed by police, or by some racist citizen with a gun, my heart breaks some more, and I shed tears for this person that I did not know, whose life has been brutally cut short as a result of this country’s systemic racism. I created this Wounded Heart necklace not only to honor those who have been killed, but for those who have been left behind to mourn. The breaking heart stone represents the family members and friends whose hearts are breaking from the tragic and senseless loss of someone dear to them. The teardrop stone represents the many tears that they have shed, and will continue to shed, as they grieve. The heart is Agatized Rainbow Wood, teardrop is Velvet Obsidian. Settings, chain & handmade clasp are sterling silver with a patina. Chain is 28”.