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Item description:

Mary Jane Richards, also known as Mary Jane Richards Denman, Mary Jane Richards Garvin and possibly Mary Bowser, was a Union spy during the Civil War. She was enslaved from birth but was effectively freed as a young child in 1843. Although considered a free woman at the time, she electively chose to pose as a slave in order to be placed in the president of the Confederate army's household. She worked with a spy ring run by abolitionist Elizabeth "Bet" Van Lew. Using her photographic memory to gather intel from documentations and conversations available within the Confederate White House. Information she gathered even made it all the way up to Generals Benjamin Butler, Ulysses S. Grant, and George H. Sharpe. Two years after the way was over she founded and taught at a school for freed slaves. This necklace honors Mary Jane Richard's with a nod to her photograhic memory. Made completely in Sterling Silver, 18" long with a 1.25" extender chain and lobster claw clasp.