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Ndidi Kowalczy - @hothouseposey

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ARTIST: @hothouseposey .

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This brooch is inspired by the idea that embracing emotional and mental self-care in all its forms helps us be(come) our best selves. We can be empowered by these support systems boldly.

This brooch is fabricated from flat, copper sheet, heated, hammered then folded into segments. Each segment is textured before being cut and formed in the round. The resulting compartments are covered in powdered glass and fired until glossy, with an open flame. On its own the enameled copper disc is beautiful. The segments are oxidized from exposure to the flame. The oxides are burnished with a brass brush to create highlights. The enameled portion is beautiful on its own but isn’t a brooch. The brass backplate is its bright, bursting with stars yet subtle partner. They are beautiful as separate entities but have a stronger presence together. The bolts are the discernable support front to back. The connection enhances the brooch’s form & function without sacrificing either.

Dimensions 2-7/16” X 2-7/16” X 1/4”

Copper, vitreous enamel, etched brass, brass hardware, steel  

Shipping: $7 within the US // Contact artist for rates outside of the US