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Item description:


This piece is a hand sawed Sterling Silver Concho Style Cuff. Tiger Iron Stones on either side from South Africa. The lines of the stones, I thought, accurately depict the layering of frozen time, for us to observe... like history.... beautiful and dark....Inscribed the cuff reads “Rewrite the Books'' along with 16 initials and the age at which they lost their life to police brutality. It is a metal rendition of a CdV photograph...of a former slave they called “Whipped Peter” who escaped from a Louisiana plantation near Baton Rouge in 1863. Abolitionists distributed this photograph, which was a common gesture of these specific photo cards during this time.... to show the abuses of slavery. 

With this cuff I am also hoping to use my preferred medium to do what the abolitionists did at the time: bring attention to a very serious historical wound. And so with this piece I would like to say... Let’s rewrite the books... It is time that the exclusive narrative of America’s history books, written from a mainly white privileged perspective, become inclusive.... including all the people that make up its history...whether it is the Africans arrival to the US and the history of their enslavement or the Indigenous reality of the colonialist arrival to THEIR land and what took place thereafter. Perspective is important in creating our futures, so as to not recreate the darkness of the past. Currently, we are missing huge parts of our collective history by limiting our historical accounts to that of the dominant societal perspective. It’s dangerous and we see its consequence in the wake of all those lost lives to police brutality and the mass incarceration of Black lives. 


BIPOC contributions have made our country rich culturally, economically, intellectually, physically. In so many ways our existence plays a huge part in the very fabric and formation of the United States today. As @killermike put it... even “white children are robbed of an education, because they are not given historical facts that will make them appreciate people that don’t look like them... it robs you from an opportunity to appreciate your neighbor.” Let’s protect our people. And give them truth... by letting those whose voice has been silenced, ignored or misunderstood....speak it loud and clear. With unity.... not in violence or ignorance and hatred.... in hopes of stopping systematic racism at the core. Stop innocent lives from being murdered. #rewritethebooks