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Margaret Elandt - @juvelartodesign

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Item description:

This necklace is meant to honor Melissa DePino and Michelle Saahene. Melissa and Michelle are the women who started From Privilege To Progress, a national movement to desegregate the conversation about race and racism. They witnessed the 2 innocent black men who were arrested for not buying coffee at Starbucks in 2018. Since then they have bloomed a whole new chapter of the civil rights movement and have relit the torch on this desperately needed conversation. I am so thankful to them as caring and informative guides on my path. Their hashtag, #showup is a beautiful mantra for how we can engage and reexamine what we see and experience. This necklace is a 1.5 inch pebble with a freshwater pearl bezel set inside - the pebble is prong set onto a brass plate stamped with #SHOWUP. The pendant falls from a 32 inch oxidized sterling silver chain.