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Item description:

This piece was made to honor and remember Florynce Kennedy, or "Flo". Flo was an American lawyer, feminist, civil rights advocate, lecturer and activist. She is often called the Mother of Intersectionality because she understood that the oppression of Black people and women was all coming from the same source. In 1971 she founded the Feminist Party which nominated Shirley Chisolm for president. When some of her fellow protesters were arrested in the Miss America Protest of 1968, she took on their cases as their attorney. She was brilliant, radical, loud and passionate and creative about fighting oppression. She also would wear a vest, a cowboy hat, false eyelashes and long nails - she was a force to be reckoned with! Flo's necklace is Amethyst Geode (the spiky version of her birthstone) set in sterling silver with a quote of hers on the back "Don't agonize, organize." This pendant measures 2.75 inches and falls from 35 inches of soft deerskin leather in Tan with charms knotted at the end - a fist to represent revolution and Black Power, and a female glyph to symbolize Feminism.