Metalsmiths for Change

Margaret Elandt - @juvelartodesign

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Item description:

Solid Brass Incense Boat/holder measures 1.25" x 6" Stamped with Desmond Tutu quote on one side; "My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together." And "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE" on the other side Center had 2 hands, one clenched in a fist and the other cupped open There is a holder for incense sticks and the cupped hand can be used for incense cones.

I hope that this can be used in remembrance of all the nameless, that you can light some incense or burn a candle to offer devotion to beauty of the lives and names we don't have and can't speak - to remember and respect all the lives of one-of-a-kind humans whose lives have been taken.