Metalsmiths for Change

Luka Allen - @AcierateCustoms

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This auction starts October 1st at 10am PST and ends October 4th at 10am PST.

This auction takes place on Instagram @metalsmithsforchange.


Item description:

A stylized Japanese chefs knife called a k-tip gyuto. This knife represents the black and trans struggle through different aspects of the blade. The handle is made of African Blackwood which is native to Senegal, as well as pink box elder burl with blue specks which is to pay homage to the trans flag. The blade itself is made of reclaimed saw blade and is of an unknown high carbon steel. There are two touchmarks: one of the artist's logo and one of the Black Lives Matter raised fist. The bolster is made of ivory colored G-10. The artist, part of the trans community as well, created this blade to honor their fellow trans siblings in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.