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Leslie Clearwater - @tenairstudios

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Item description:

Double pendant necklace featuring a rainbow-slicked black obsidian and an artful trans-celebratory medallion. Black obsidian represents facing up to one's true Self. It releases negativity and imbalance, and is both deeply protective and supportive during change. It disperses unloving thoughts. It is a stone of transformation, manifestation, and the stimulation of growth and exploration. It is said to help bring clarity to the mind, clearing confusion and helping one to know who they truly are. Dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas while promoting compassion and strength. The blackness of this stone celebrates the richness and power of the black community, and that this particular black obsidian features a rainbow represents the prismatic beauty of the trans experience. The second token features the trans symbol on one side and a wave motif on the other, representing the navigation of a sea of personal and social change. It is also a nod to the quote: "I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship." Medallion may be turned either side forward. Obsidian pendant: 1.75" long x 1" wide. Trans pendant: 1" round. Sterling silver and jeweler's brass. 25" sterling cut rolo chain.