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Leslie Clearwater - @tenairstudios

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Item description:

What's struck me about Mr. Lewis is the ferocity of his determination, but also how beautifully he tempered it with optimism. His consistent calls for shift are grounded in the reality of dire necessity but he somehow suffuses his rallying with this incredible, never-ending fortitude that says "this is hard work, but we can do it." His words are steadying and buoying. This storypiece is meant to evoke a full arc. The frothy, nautical frontplate speaks to those feeling overwhelm with his quote "Do not get lost in a sea of despair." Opening the piece you see an opal-clad compass, representing clarity, direction, and groundedness, a nod to the follow-up of that quote represented on the third plate: "Be hopeful, be optimistic." On that third plate is also a guiding star, meant to represent not only the north star of Truth and Justice that will guide righteousness but also the words of John Lewis' compatriot and friend, Martin Luther King Jr.: for "only when it is dark enough can you see the stars." The backplate finishes the arc with Lewis' succinct, compassionate, but bold rally: once you've found your footing, now "Get in good trouble" and be the change. Heavy and substantial, handmade of sterling silver and jeweler's brass, approx. 1.4" round, 20" luxe Italian sterling diamond-cut bead chain. It makes a clinking noise as a constant little reminder chirp to Do The Work.