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Item description:

This substantial pendant features two detailed natural dendrites: a bloom of growth above and a vast root of faith below. It is hand fabricated entirely of thick sterling except the bezel wall of the lower dendrite, which is gold. The pendant is just under 3" long and just over 1.5" at its widest point. It hangs from a 20" sterling box chain with a lobster clasp.

This piece honors Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Cynthia Hurd, Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, Tywanza Sanders, Ethel Lance, Susie Jackson, Depayne Middleton Doctor, Rev. Daniel Simmons, and Myra Thompson. The Nine were in bible study when their lives were taken. They were exploring Mark 4:16, which speaks to the idea of weak faith being like seeds scattered on rocky ground: quick to sprout but weak-rooted and quick, too, to fade. In contrast, I thought of the members there studying whose roots in their faith were so vigorous, and so I chose two pieces of dendrite to represent both the visible growth of their faith "above ground" and the invisible but even more robust roots of their belief, unseen but vital below. I housed the upper section in what I wanted to evoke as a church structure, the shape emulating the windows of Mother Emanuel, but below, I walled the roots in gold to represent that it was truly the most essential and valuable piece. On the back I inscribed the familiar name of the church, "Mother Emanuel," and the last scripture the Nine read.