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Item description:

Inspired from the amazing activist Florence Kennedy who was known for being unapologetically bold and opinionated. She fought her entire life for equality and specifically focused on intersectionality. She was so incredibly intelligent and intellectual that I had to read her ideas like 5 times before I really even understood what she talking about. I like Florence because she lived her truth. Sometimes I shy away from expressing my beliefs for fear of repercussion to my business or my friendships and this is ridiculous! Silence is complicity! Florence reminds us to say what’s in our minds and hearts when we know it is right and forget about anything else! I paraphrased her quote so I could fit it on this jewel but the heart of it is clear. “Make Noise Cause Trouble” and 💥 Bam just like that I am reminded to actually live, breath, and speak the ideals and values I hold inside my heart and mind because they are fundamentally right. There is nothing to fear in living your truth, just like the amazing Florence Kennedy! #florencekennedy #blm 🖤🖤🖤