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Item description:

A few months ago, I came across a story that stopped me in my tracks. A woman recounted her wonderful memories as a Girl Scout: selling cookies, doing community service and going camping. She had incredibly fond memories of this time in her life: learning the rules of the wilderness, making s’mores, giggling with friends - true, innocent childhood fun. Her troop was based in Detroit and was majority Black. She spoke of this time with such a sweet nostalgia. It was only as an adult that she learned that the girl’s mothers would stay up hosting night watch. These mothers were keeping watch for a nearby KKK group, keeping their blossoming girls safe. Unfortunately, the wilderness exists as safe haven for so many white people. However, these places are often inaccessible to the Black community. ⛺️ ✨ ⛺️✨⛺️✨⛺️✨⛺️ This piece was inspired by this woman’s moving story and hope for a more inclusive outdoors moving forward. Set in sterling silver is a beautiful pilot mountain cabochon encircled by a stamped protection prayer reading, “Mother Moon Father Sky Please Protect Black Lives Outside” The prayer is orbited by five silver moons and four stamped suns represented the ever changing cycles of nature. The back of the piece is stamped, “Plant a seed watch her grow” with a moon cycle motif. The pendant hangs on a 20” sterling silver cable chain. 🌚🌞🌚🌞🌚🌞🌚🌞🌚