Metalsmiths for Change

Kristi Aitken - @Love.Mom.Designs

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This auction starts October 1st at 10am PST and ends October 4th at 10am PST.

This auction takes place on Instagram @metalsmithsforchange.


Item description:

We all have fights to fight. Some are visible and some noone ever sees. My piece was made to honor the battles that our black and trans friends fight every day. My warrior shield cuff was inspired by the quote - ":Fate whispers to the warrior - A storm is coming. The warrior answers -- I am the storm" (unknown author) The cuff is jewelers brass with sterling silver accents and bezel plate. The turquoise stone is from the Kingman mine in Arizona and has a cool iron pyrite crystal. It's a 6" length, so approx women's medium. At it's widest, it's 2 1/4 wide and the band is 1 1/4 wide. Thank you so much for checking out my auction piece.