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Kari Raley - @raleydesignstudios

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ARTIST: @raleydesignstudios .

ITEM DESCRIPTION: From my personal gem collection are these two lovely slightly purple-Red Almandine Garnets from Idaho, USA. Mined and cut by my great-uncle.

Both gems have slightly domed backs that aid in presenting an optimal top view. The pear shape has good clarity with a few inclusions. The oval is a Star Garnet with a well-oriented four-ray star. (I do not recommend having the backs flattened as this may alter the top view; the star may fade or disappear.)

Pear: 18.96 x 11.74 x 6.38 mm

Mineral Group: Garnet; Gem Species: Almandine; Gem Variety: none Weight: 13.6 carats

Oval: 12.74 x 9.32 x 5.89 mm

Mineral Group: Garnet; Gem Species: Almandine; Gem Variety: Star (4-ray) Weight: 8.0 carats

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