Metalsmiths for Change

Janice Von Itter - @everyday.elemental

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Item description:

Made in the style of a medal, this piece celebrates the bravery black transgender people must have to make their way in our unjust world.  It's big and bold, using the colors from the black trans pride flag (designed by activist/writer Raquel Willis) in kyanite, rose quartz, and onyx. It can be worn as a brooch or a pendant to show the world that you stand together with black and trans folks against racism and bigotry.

Black trans people, particularly women, are murdered at rates more than 7x the general population. They are more likely to be imprisoned, to be denied employment, to be rejected from housing and to receive substandard health care. Over a third of Black trans people live in extreme poverty.

These are our problems - everyone’s problems - to solve. We must stand up for the rights and fair treatment of these beautiful, tenacious, courageous human beings. Start today by wearing this flag, spreading awareness for the change that must come.