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Erin Hilburn - @ehilburn

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ARTIST: @ehilburn


When I started this piece, I first wanted to look into the organization it would benefit, so I went through blackmalevoterproject‘s insta and website to understand their mission and purpose. A question they posed really stuck with me, “What are you showing up to change?” This question led me down a rabbit hole of history. A history of voter suppression. One of voting rights being awarded and taken away on repeat for hundreds of years.

I thought about the power of presence. Presence in the world taking up space in spaces usually reserved for oppressors. So I really wanted this piece to be a mantra. A mantra encouraging the wearer to “Show Up”. Every day your very presence taking up space, sharing your voice, casting your vote is an act of rebellion. You are powerful. If you weren’t, then they wouldn’t fight so hard to keep you out.

Copper back with sterling silver accents and sterling silver 8mm post.

Each pin measures approximately 1.25-1.5 inches at the widest point and is approximately 1 inch tall.
3 stainless steel chains are suspended between the two pins, the shortest measures approximately 7 inches with each subsequent chain hanging slightly longer creating a tiered effect.

Pins will close with a rubber push back, seen in submitted photos.

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