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Item description:

EMBERS When I first saw this orange calcite stone, with the dark edges like coal, the white hot vein around the glowing center, I immediately saw it as an “ember”. When we learn from our teachers, we are given embers; we are caretakers of those embers, and it is our responsibility to keep them alive and pass them forward. This simile is poignant right now as the West Coast of the US burns and we are engulfed in smoke, while many places are igniting around social justice. Today, in our tenacious pursuit to abolish racism, create equality and safety for Black, Indigenous and People of Color, we carry the embers of the great Civil Rights leaders; we remember their words and acknowledge their progress while we stoke those embers into greater heat to ignite change. Carrying the embers of John Robert Lewis, Roy Ottoway Wilkins, James Leonard Farmer, Jr., Martin Luther King, Jr., Whitney Moore Young, Jr., Asa Philip Randolph, Dorothy Height and Anna Arnold Hedgeman, the initials of these eight leaders are stamped into the back of this necklace and earrings, along with a reminder to get into some “Good Trouble” when necessary. Materials: sterling silver, micro-mosaic inlay, orange calcite, sunstones. Necklace adjusts from 16" to 19" long. Post earrings are 1 3/8" long.