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Britta Culbertson - @mudlotus.handmade

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Item description:

My work typically involves the incorporation of topographic maps to connect a wearer to a place in the landscape. For this auction, I wanted to create a piece that connects the wearer to a location and a place in time that serves as a remembrance, a call to action, and a potential dialogue for those who ask about the pendant. I used a Minneapolis map, the intersection at East 38th St and Chicago Ave, where George Floyd was murdered. The map is pressed into sterling silver in a shape reminiscent of a tear drop. A piece of Baltic amber is set in a fine silver bezel above the intersection, which is marked with an “x” that shows through the amber. Amber is fossilized tree resin and in this piece it represents George Floyd’s life and his memory that shall live on and remind us that the fight for justice is ongoing, that black lives matter, and that the structures in our society that create and sustain injustice need to be dismantled. On the back, 846 is stamped to reflect the 8 minutes and 46 seconds that a police officer knelt on Mr. Floyd’s neck. He would have been 47 years old this month. May he rest in power. A note about the piece - The silver is oxidized to create a patina, which is protected with a jewelry wax, giving it an antique feel. There are subtle tool marks as the piece is handmade with a “lived in” versus highly polished look. The chain is 21” long w/ a 2” extender.