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Item description:

In Honor of Stormé DeLarverie- "The Cowboy of the West Village." Stormé DeLarverie was a queer, creative, POC-famous for her role as a Drag King in-The Jewel Box Revue in the 1950's/60's. She was also a famous LGBTQ activist, and is known for "throwing" the first punch in the Stonewall Revolution. This piece is bold; loaded with power & symbolism. The inverted shadow-box triangle is sterling silver and represents the LGBTQ community, the family Stormé fought so hard for. Symbolism of an inverted triangle dates back to Nazi Germany, where prisoners were forced to wear it as a symbol of shame; it was later repurposed by LGBTQ, and is now worn as a symbol of pride. Stormé had incredible courage and pride in who she was and in what she believed in. -Stormé was rumored to have thrown the first punch at the ever famous Stonewall Inn, on June 28th,1969, igniting the Stonewall Riots. I incorporated the iconic 'fist' of Black Lives Matter and it is also a representation of the first punch thrown. The copper fist was 3D-printed, soldered and patina applied. -The fist “stands” on a sort of stage that boosts a beautiful blue inverted Triangle-Cut Montana Sapphire. This is a sparkling nod to her role on stage- as a smooth baritone and exquisite NYC drag performer! -Lastly the top of the pendant is a cutout of the Stonewall Inn -The pendant dangles from a 30" sterling silver chain.