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Item description:

These sterling silver, kyanite, and Indonesian water buffalo horn/bone earrings were made to honor the amazing psychologist Mamie Phipps Clark, PhD. She along with her husband, Kenneth Clark PhD, created and researched the "Doll Test" in the 1940s where they would present young Black children with two black dolls and two white dolls and ask them questions like "which doll is nice....bad....looks most like you.....would you like to play with?" The majority of these children showed preference to the white doll proving the harmful impact of segregation on self-esteem and racial identity. Their research and testimony was used in Brown vs Board of Ed. As a jeweler and psychotherapist myself, I am inspired by her loving efforts to help change the system that so often tells people they are broken, less than and unworthy. These earrings serve as a reminder to Mamie Phipps Clark's role in civil rights and the need to continue dismantling systemic racism and oppression. Earrings are 65mm/a little over 2.5" from top of ear wire to the bottom of the dangle.