Auction Info for Artists

Auction Scripts:

Correct Bids:
Thank you for your bid! However, please comment your bid in the đŸ”„PLACE BIDS HEREđŸ”„Â  comment, and tag who you outbid by clicking "reply" under the highest bidder. Thank you for your support!
✹Thank you for your bids so far! This auction ends at 10am PT.✹ 

Announce a Winner:


Congratulations, you won! 🎉To pay, click the link in the @metalsmithsforchange bio. The price will reflect your winning bid amount and be made available for you to purchase at 10:30am PT. Once you've paid, DM me your shipping address. Thank you!

If you have questions, please ask within your auction’s DM group on Discord.

Click here to see a previous auction for an example.


  • When auctions begin at 10am PT, you’ll comment a starting bid of $10 under the đŸ”„PLACE BIDS HEREđŸ”„ comment.
  • Throughout the 24-hrs, comment a “reminder” at least once. One before the first auction day ends, and another anytime the next morning is ideal. (I’ll also be reminding the group.)
  • If anyone bids outside of the bid comment, let them know by commenting a “correct bids” comment. (I go through and remove bids that have been already corrected occasionally to avoid confusion.)
  • When auctions end, tag the winner in an “announce the winner” comment.
  • Confirm their payment by visiting your listed item online. When purchased, it is automatically marked as "unavailable".
  • If you indicated a shipping fee, send an invoice for shipping. This is coordinated between you and the buyer. I suggest invoicing through PayPal.
  • Ship your piece in a reasonable time frame, and send the winner shipping details.
  • Be awesome and continue being the light we need.

If you need to respond to questions or compliments on your work, try to make sure those responses are not in the bidding comment so that bids stay clear for me and other bidders.


Hold/right click to save one of the images below to share with your followers. The best practice is to post it or the piece(s) you're offering to your feed as well as share it to your story. Don't forget to tag @metalsmithsforchange.
24 hr solidarity auction flyer
24 hr solidarity auction flyer
24 hr solidarity auction flyer
24 hr solidarity auction flyer
24 hr solidarity auction flyer
24 hr solidarity auction flyer
24 hr solidarity auction flyer