Artist Roles

Metalsmiths for Change invites you to create a piece of artwork to stand in solidarity with the Black community! Metalsmiths of all experiences are welcome to join. Send a direct message to @metalsmithsforchange on Instagram BEFORE submitting your work to be included in future auctions. Each participant will be added to a group DM with other artists who will be participating.


1. Create a themed piece to uplift and/or support of the Black community. (This does not apply if you are unable to create personalized artwork or are simply contributing your handmade artwork.)

  • Examples of ideas to focus: anti-racism, the end of white supremacy, mass incarceration, voting, mental health, black lives lost, police reform, etc.
  • Metalsmiths - It doesn't have to be jewelry. It could be a trinket dish or money clip, for example. Rings are accepted, but keep in mind that it drastically limits who can bid.
  • I encourage you to explore your creative freedom.

2. Submit your work.

3. Advertiste.

4. Monitor your auction from start to finish.

  • All auctions start and end at 10am PST.
  • If you are unable to keep an eye on it throughout the day, no worries. Just let your auction's DM group know.
  • Several times, I will be prompting everyone in the group to comment certain text under your auctions posts to help facilitate the auctions, such as a starting bid amount ($5), correcting bids, reminding bidders what time the auction ends, and announcing a winner.

5. Ship your piece to the winner.

  • If you are charging for shipping, you'll send a separate invoice for shipping, preferably through PayPal.
  • I recommend insuring your package, especially if shipping Internationally, but it is not required.
  • Pieces should be shipped in a reasonable time frame.