Metalsmiths for Change exists to advocate for racial and social justice through collaboration and to provide equitable opportunities for Black artists.



Words from the Founder:

Metalsmiths for Change was created overnight, yet has always been a dream; a dream to see the masses acknowledging and taking action against the bias and racism aimed at the Black community. I want to sincerely thank the artists who dedicated time and materials to recognize and honor the precious Black lives lost to police brutality. The initiative it took to kick off the first set of Solidarity auctions in such a short time frame was remarkable, and I couldn't be more proud of these artists for joining forces to help benefit the Black community. The power of a creative collective is nothing less than extraordinary!

This work is not over, however. We must continue protesting, boycotting, donating, signing petitions, making calls, and most importantly, voting in all elections to work our way towards a more just society. We deserve to see justice and peace, and with your support, we can turn another dream into reality. We are so much stronger together. Thank you for being here.
 Photo of founder, Kendria Thompson, wearing glasses, a sterling silver gemstone necklace, and a blue, sleeveless top.