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✨AUCTION✨ This 24-hr auction starts November 20th at 10am PT and ends November 21st at 10am PT. Auction proceeds benefit National Black Justice Coalition (95%), and the Metalsmiths for Change Fund (5%).

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ARTIST: @thenimbusxvis

ITEM DESCRIPTION:  In remembrance of Penélope Díaz Ramírez.

Very few details were shared about Penélope publicly. She deserves to be remembered as a whole being, not only a number or a murder. A woman in her thirties, bringing her glam, her experience, her laughter; claiming herself for her and radiating amidst the structures that would try to deny her existence. "you are worthy. loved. divine." This piece is to honor her. She was loved, worthy of her joy and divine in her existence.

A ring that transforms into a pendant, with some perceivable glam I hope. It comes with a chain that hooks and clasps onto the ring shank. The bezel is stamped with the words "you are" and the clasp reads on three different sides "worthy," "loved" and "divine." The centerpiece stone is rose quartz, accompanied by three Tanzanian sapphires of three different hues, akin to the transgender pride flag colors.

Fine and sterling silver. Ring will be made to size. 22 inch chain.