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Item description:

On Sept 15, 1963, a bomb placed by white supremacist exploded during Sunday services in the basement of the 16th St Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL, killing four little girls; Addie Mae, Denise, Carole & Cynthia. The church bombing was the third in 11 days following a federal order to integrate Alabama’s school system. Governor Wallace sent hundreds of police and state troopers to break up the angry crowds assembled at the crime scene. Public outrage continued to grow and this tragedy drew international attention and helped the civil rights movement gain momentum. This handcrafted piece is a tribute to the girls and their families. I cannot imagine the sorrow caused by this hateful act. To hold your child’s broken body with the same hands that soothed them, played with them and kept them safe, makes my heart shatter. Hate crimes are on the rise again and as a society we need to take action to stop them. It’s worth noting that it took over 37 year to bring all 4 Klansmen to justice. Details: Hand textured 18 g silver, white buffalo heart, faceted garnets and silver cast hands. The chain is accented with the word LOVE and the girls' initials and age on the flip side. The pendant measures 2.5" and the chain can be adjusted to 24", 27" or 30".