Account Takeover

Account Takeover

What’s an account takeover? An account takeover is when you give access to someone to create content for a certain period of time on your social media page. This usually lasts for a day.

Why? The purpose of an account takeover for Metalsmiths for Change is to end Black History Month on a positive note and to help amplify the Black Metalsmiths Virtual Marketplace, which is intended to support Black jewelry designers and organizations that benefit Black communities.

When? Mon, Feb. 28th

Where? Primarily IG, but sharing anywhere you can is extremely helpful towards the success of this small initiative.

How can I participate? For the entire day on February 28, change the link in your Instagram bio to the link to shop the marketplace. Choose a photo below to save and post using the caption below.


Caption: Today, I join forces with others who want to show our support for Metalsmiths for Change @metalsmithsforchange, an organization that exists to advocate for racial and social justice through collaboration and to provide equitable opportunities for Black artists.

Their Black Metalsmiths Virtual Marketplace is an ongoing marketplace where Black jewelry designers profit from each sale, and 20% of proceeds benefit organizations that support and uplift Black communities. February’s proceeds benefit No More Secrets @nomoresecretsmbs and The Marsha P. Johnson Institute @mpjinstitute. Today is the last day to support these organizations through the marketplace. There’s a link in my bio to shop directly.

#metalsmithsforchange #metalsmiths #jewelrydesigners #bhm #blackhistoryeveryday #blacktranslivesmatter #endperiodpoverty #endperiodshame

[Image Description: Outlined illustrations of metalsmithing tools surrounding centered text that reads “Black Metalsmiths VIRTUAL MARKETPLACE”. Text at the bottom reads, “SHOP HERE” and “WWW.METALSMITHSFORCHANGE.ORG”]

MFC Black Metalsmiths Virtual Marketplace flyer. Black background. MFC Black Metalsmiths Virtual Marketplace flyer. white background. MFC Black Metalsmiths Virtual Marketplace flyer. yellow background. MFC Black Metalsmiths Virtual Marketplace flyer. red background. MFC Black Metalsmiths Virtual Marketplace flyer. blue background. MFC Black Metalsmiths Virtual Marketplace flyer. green background. 

If you’ll be participating in this initiative, let me know by putting a fist in the comments on this blog post. ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻

Thank you for your

- Kendria


  • Jennifer Hermann

    I’m a little late getting this up, but I just posted it as a reel, and am also goingvto put up a regular post. Thank you for making this process simple and for providing a way to amplify Black voices and makers. ✊❤️

  • Stella Advani

    Happy for you to take over! ✊🏽

  • ndidi kowalczyk

    I’m in ✊🏽

  • Barbara Jackson

    Count me in too, although I may need help;)

  • Amie Preston


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