Meet Binta Ouédraogo of NaambeCreations

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Meet Binta Ouédraogo of NaambeCreations

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From a very young age, I already enjoyed working with my hands: making crafts, baking or gardening. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I had the opportunity to be introduced to and work with young Touareg artisans for a cultural event hosted at my school. (Touareg’s are a nomadic tribe from northern Niger).

My initiation into the art of jewelry making began with me drawing and designing pieces. Then I started to work with local Touareg artisans in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) who were known for their skill in working with silver and brass. At first these artisans followed my designs to make many of my unique pieces. As I watched them turn my designs into pieces of jewelry, they began to teach me the art of metalsmithing so that I could start to make them myself. Over time and thanks to the encouragement of friends and family, I began to sell some of my pieces. As the demand grew, I continued to work more closely with the artisans to improve my skills. Since then, I’ve taken more advanced classes to improve my metalsmithing, and created and developed my own style. My inspiration comes from my travels and international life experiences that help me to create a blend of organic handmade unstructured and meaningful jewelry. As I continue to hone my skills as a metalsmith, which is my passion, I also incorporate other elements such as beads, natural stones, pearls, leather and crystals.

My journey as an artist has just begun through my expressions, stories and adventures displayed in my jewelry. I hope they give you as much pleasure in wearing and displaying them as I do in creating them.

Welcome to the journey!


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