March Beneficiary for the Black Metalsmiths Marketplace

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March Beneficiary for the Black Metalsmiths Marketplace

Black Women Lead

Black Women Lead is a Non Profit Organization formed in Los Angeles, California after the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Continuing off the momentum our organization made with #BirthdayforBreonna on June 6th at Pan Pacific, we’ve decided to start a non-profit, ‘Black Women Lead.’ (BWL)

Black women have lead this country since the beginning and we want to amplify more black leadership in this moment. BWL will be at the forefront of a human rights movement and will continue to speak out against murders committed by police, campaign against violence, systemic racism, and advocate anti-racist policy, defunding the police, investing in communities and will call for the prosecution of killer cops.

BWL is committed to meeting this moment with the urgency and outrage it requires. We will hold rallies, protests, and donate to bail funds, mutual aid funds and into communities directly. We are here to put in the work. Let’s get started!

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