January Beneficiaries for the Black Metalsmiths Marketplace

Check Your Privilege, Emanuel Nine Memorial, Nonprofit Organizations, The National Black Disability Coalition -

January Beneficiaries for the Black Metalsmiths Marketplace

The National Black Disability Coalition

The National Black Disability Coalition (NBDC) is a response to the need for Blacks with disabilities in America to organize around issues of mutual concern and use our collective strength to address disability issues with emphasis on people who live in poverty.

The goal of the NBDC is;

  •  To promote UNITY among black people with disabilities, our families and communities.
  • To advance EQUITY within the disability movement and our communities
  • To foster OPPORTUNITY for black people with disabilities

We believe that black people with disabilities must unite to obtain and secure the rights and privileges of full participation in the communities.

Using strategies from the civil rights movement, NBCD seeks to achieve collective power and inclusion for Black people with disabilities within our families, faith organizations and the greater disability community.


Emanuel Nine Memorial
The Emanuel Nine Memorial encourages people to reconcile their hearts and actions with the example set by families of the Emanuel Nine. The memorial will also honor their lives by teaching new attitudes and behaviors to reverse racism.


Check Your Privilege
Check Your Privilege  is a global movement that supports individuals  on their journey of becoming actively anti-racist. Through our online co-conspirators lounge, workshops, and events we aim to  deepen the awareness of how unconscious bias, and the interlocking systems of domination  affect the mental health of Black, Brown, Indigenous, marginalized Persons of Color.

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