Free Coloring Page to Help Spread the Word!

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Free Coloring Page to Help Spread the Word!

You can help us spread the word about the Embracing Childhood fundraiser by getting creative. Save the coloring page below, then share about it on Instagram. Tag @metalsforchange and #freecoloringpage.


Embracing childhood fundraiser coloring page

The Embracing Childhood Fundraiser focuses on the youth to put an emphasis on how Black kids should be allowed to be seen as kids and enjoy their childhoods. Artists were tasked to create a piece that shows a toy or childhood object/thing/phrase.
Fundraiser Dates: January 17-21
95% of proceeds will be split evenly between:
Brown Girls Do BalletYoung Black and LitBlack Girls CodeFierce NYC, and My Brother's Keepers. 5% benefits the Metalsmiths for Change Fund.

All non-recurring donations to the Metalsmiths for Change Fund between January 17-21 will go towards this fundraiser.

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